MILFORD - The mother of a Milford teen who was stabbed to death at school by a classmate has filed a lawsuit claiming her daughter warned the school the boy was dangerous.

As News 12 reported, 18-year-old Christopher Plaskon was recently convicted of killing Maren Sanchez at Jonathan Law High School in 2014.

The lawsuit is against the Milford Board of Education, the city of Milford, Christopher Plaskon and his parents. It claims the school system and Plaskon's parents failed to intervene and prevent Maren Sanchez's death, despite signs Plaskon was violent.

The suit claims Sanchez told the high school guidance department "that Christopher Plaskon was emotionally disturbed and was threatening to commit suicide or acts of serious self-harm by cutting himself with a knife and her concern that Christopher Plaskon might engage in potentially violent conduct dangerous to himself or others."

The suit also says Plaskon's counselor failed to tell the school principal, school security or the Connecticut Department of Children and Families, as required by school policy and state law.

It further claims Plaskon's parents were aware their son was cutting himself with a knife but failed to get him proper treatment or make sure he didn't have access to knives.

Sanchez's mother released a statement, saying "We're bringing this lawsuit to make sure that reports like the one Maren made are properly handled and that parents and personnel will respond to protect minor children from terrible injury and death."

Milford's school superintendent said officials would "allow the judicial system to determine the outcome."