NORWALK - The family of an Oxford woman who was allegedly shot and killed by her estranged husband was in Washington, D.C. Tuesday to push for legislation they say would save lives.

Merry Jackson and Kasey Mason, the mother and sister of Lori Gellatly, were in the nation's capital with Sen. Richard Blumenthal to push for the passage of two bills.

One bill, introduced today, would offer financial incentives to states that match their domestic violence gun laws with current federal laws.

The second bill, which was introduced earlier this month, would extend federal gun bans to those with a temporary restraining order. Currently, only permanent restraining orders prohibit the suspect from carrying or buying a gun.

Next week marks three months since Gellatly was allegedly shot and killed by her estranged husband Scott Gellatly. Merry Jackson was also shot and was in intensive care for two weeks.

Gellatly had two restraining orders against her estranged husband and was set to go for the permanent one the day after her death. Neither state nor federal law required Scott Gellatly to hand over his gun when the temporary orders were put in place.

Sen. Blumenthal says he hopes both bills will go to the Senate floor for a vote this fall.

Scott Gellatly has another court appearance scheduled for Wednesday.