NORWALK - The family of a Norwalk teenager who disappeared four months ago is asking the public for help in finding her.

Jackie Lawrence, 17, was last seen by her family on Dec.1, 2014, when they assumed she was leaving her grandmother's house to go to Norwalk High School.

Lawrence's family would later discover that she had not been attending school for weeks. Her grandfather says he remembers seeing her get into a car with a man in the weeks before she vanished, when she should have been boarding the school bus.

There was no sign of her until March, when she called her grandmother to say she was OK and would be coming home, though she never did. Lawrence sent a similar message to a Facebook friend.

Her family says Lawrence was behaving erratically before the disappearance, with a history of truancy and running away from home. They say she would not have vanished for this long without an outside person exerting undue influence.

Norwalk police say they have been looking into her disappearance, and her family says authorities have a warrant out for her. Relatives say that, in addition to her other troubles, Lawrence was arrested for trespassing last year and missed a court date while she was gone.