LOS ANGELES - (AP) - Los Angeles will be the focus of tributes toMichael Jackson today.

There's an all-star lineup participating in the public memorialservice at L.A.'s Staples Center, including Stevie Wonder, Usherand Queen Latifah. Fans around the world are planning to join inthe mourning.

The event will be broadcast live in Australia and Asia, evenwhere it's the middle of the night.

Earlier, Jackson's family is expected to hold a private funeralat Forest Lawn Cemetery in the Hollywood Hills.

Though a somber occasion, fans who won the ticket lotterycelebrated as they picked up their passes at Dodger Stadium,yesterday. One fan, recalling her mother's love for Elvis,declared, "This is my Elvis."

Hoping to avoid a mob scene, Los Angeles police are urging fanswithout tickets to stay away and watch it on television.