STAMFORD - Matthew Badger is extremely depressed and has had a difficult time coping with the death of his daughters in Stamford's Christmas fire, according to lawyer Richard Emery.

Emery says Badger wants answers on what happened that night.

"There are multiple stories and contradictions," says Emery.

According to police, the home had no working smoke detectors and was under construction by contractor Michael Borcina, who allegedly left fireplace embers in a trash enclosure. Police say the embers are what sparked the fire.

Private investigators have been hired to probe the incident. Emery says a civil lawsuit may be possible in the case, as he does not see how Borcina could escape the blame. Badger does not plan to sue the girls' mother, however.

Badger has started a fund in honor of his daughters to raise money for the arts in public schools.

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