STAMFORD - Friends and loved ones gathered in Stamford Sunday to honor a man who died after a motorcycle crash last week.

Jose David Chacon-Valverde, known as David Chacon to friends, was 30 years old. Stamford police say he was on his Harley Davidson on West Main Street when he lost control, fell off his bike and hit his head. He later died at the hospital from his head injuries.

Police say he wasn't wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. His friends say he always wore one, and they're not sure what caused him not to wear one on the day of the crash.

Motorcycles were lined up outside of St. John's Episcopal Church Sunday as fellow motorcyclists honored their friend's life.

Friends described Chacon-Valverde as a hard worker who had two jobs and clocked in seven days a week. 

As people were remembering the 30-year-old, they say he always rode in the back of the group, almost as if he were their guardian angel.

Police say it does not appear speed, alcohol or drugs had anything do with the crash.