NORWALK - The legal battle over how much Connecticut shoppers should pay for alcohol got even more heated Wednesday.

Liquor superstores such as Total Wine and BevMax in Norwalk have been openly selling booze cheaper than what state law allows. Now, the state's roughly 1,300 small, mom-and-pop shops say the larger outlets are breaking the law and should lose their licenses.

Gov. Dannel Malloy says he is not condoning the actions of the superstores, but he is not quite upset that they are challenging a law he calls "unconstitutional." Total Wine and BevMax are currently suing over the new law, saying it forces customers to pay more than in other states.

Over at the smaller Harry's Wine & Liquor Market in Norwalk, prices will be at the legal level for the expected Labor Day weekend rush.

If the state Department of Consumer Protection decides the stores are breaking the law, the stores could face fines or have their licenses suspended or revoked.