CONNECTICUT - Now that the United Kingdom has decided to leave the European Union, News 12 spoke with a financial advisor about how that decision could affect us here at home. 

Lori Torrano with Edward Jones says she doesn't expect a lot to change in the short term in the U.S. in light of the U.K's decision. 

"The fallout or the direct impact to the U.S. is pretty minimal from what we can tell, and we might even benefit from this in the near term because we're going to appear to be more stable and a less scary place to invest" says Torrano. 

She says that the stock market definitely wasn't prepared for the decision and that was why it reacted in a big way Friday. 

Torrano says that the news could create a recession in this country, but then again the dollar might rise and the end result could be surprising.

According to Torrano, there will be a better indication on how this affects our economy when the jobs numbers come out next month.