BRIDGEPORT - ? Is it a noose or a door handle? Officials say a firefighter reported finding a rope on a watch desk earlier this month at the Bridgeport Fire Department headquarters.

Officials say the rope was tied with a slip knot to keep an exterior door closed and was misplaced in the midst of a shift change.

Meanwhile, two other firefighters have come forward and admitted to tying the knot. They say the slip knot was a bad choice, but don't believe there was any racist intent.

The department is asking all firefighters involved to submit statements as part of a complete investigation.

?We do not tolerate harassment of any kind, that?s why the chief did the investigation, so we can find out exactly what and why this is happening,? says Bridgeport Fire Department Capt. Luis Riveria.

Fire officials say they do not believe the rope was intended to be interpreted as a symbol of hate and there does not appear to be any malice or ill intent. The officers who admitted to tying the knot will remain on the job.

Officials say they are launching a full investigation but it could take weeks.