STAMFORD - A veteran Stamford firefighter is facing some heat today.

Gary Bivona, 46, stood before a Stamford judge today after he was arrested and charged with first-degree forgery and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Stamford police say Bivona's 18-year-old son was also arrested on drug charges following a two-month investigation that involved the U.S Secret Service.

Police executed a search warrant at the Bivona home on Cypress Street last Thursday. According to court documents, police found a quarter-pound of marijuana, cocaine, an electronic digital scale, packaging materials, bongs, mason jars and $840 in cash.

In Gary Bovina's bedroom, Stamford police say they found a marijuana bong and and a marijuana grinder wrapped in clothing.

Police say they also discovered a number of dollar bills in metal trays being soaked in solutions that they believed would wash away the ink on the bills.

The mayor of Stamford said Bivona will stay on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the case.