NORWALK - A Norwalk-based liquor store is the first in the area to join what marketing services are calling the next generation in alcohol sales.

Owner Arpan Patel says he has plans to take his liquor store, Beverage Boss, into a new era.

Patel teamed up with an on-demand beer, wine and spirits company, which means that his products are delivered to his customers.

Seth Weiss, director of sales at Thirstie, says placing an order is simple. He says people can download their mobile app or visit and type in their home address. Those steps will allow customers to see whether local merchants are able to deliver to their area.

Weiss says when an order is placed, Patel tries to deliver the beverages within an hour.

Weiss says customers will also be able to see the store’s inventory and prices on the website.

Anyone planning to get alcohol delivered to their home must be 21 years old, or someone has to be there to sign for the delivery.