NEWTOWN - A group of old-time radio enthusiasts is trying to recapture the iconic, small town charm of Newtown with the help of two parents who lost their child in the Sandy Hook shootings.

The Flagpole Radio Café is a performance of music, sketch comedy and guest artists. Martin Blanco, one of the founders of the show, says the idea was to create an event where the community would gather to share music and laughs.

The Flagpole Radio Café returned to the Edmond Town Hall on May 18, in its first show since the tragic events at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Co-producer Barbara Gaines says it's time to be able to laugh and really value what matters, which is each other.

David Wheeler approached Blanco after watching the first performance and said he would love to be a part of it. Wheeler and his wife Francine lost their son Benjamin in the Sandy Hook school shootings on Dec. 14. Blanco says the fact that the Wheelers are performing in the show now speaks to their desire to do something that they used to love to do.