STAMFORD - A Stamford woman says she is recovering after a fox attacked her and her 20-month-old son Thursday.

Michelle Wisniewski says she was walking with her son in Stamford on Country Club Road when a fox approached them.

"I looked over to the side and I saw a fox standing there, and I picked up my son immediately and as soon as I did, he launched towards us," says Wisniewski. "He launched towards his foot, so I kicked it back in the head and then it still came back after me."

She says that she knew something was wrong just from the look of the animal.

"I saw the eyes, and it looked like a grin, like Chesire Cat from 'Alice in Wonderland,'" Wisniewski says.

She says a FedEx driver saw what was going on and was able to position his truck between her and the fox so she could run to a neighbor's house.

"He was like a real hero," Wiskniewski says.

Police say they shot and killed the fox after the attack, and that the animal is being tested for rabies.

Wisniewski says she and her son were given rabies shots as a precaution.

Police say people should seek shelter and call police when they see foxes acting strange. The animals usually run away from humans. Acting aggressively is a sign that something is wrong.