STAMFORD - A Stratford man was arraigned Wednesday after a violent robbery.

Authorities say Frank Douglas, 31, was arrested Tuesday after he and an accomplice allegedly robbed a man who had just won a large amount of money in an illegal card game. They say the victim was accosted at gunpoint, relieved of about $5,000 cash and pistol-whipped. Police also say they found a handgun nearby, which they believe belongs to Douglas.

He has been charged with first-degree robbery, second-degree assault, conspiracy and resisting arrest.

Douglas led them on a similar chase back in May 2011 that left an officer critically injured after a fall from a 20-foot embankment.

The suspect's attorney denies all of the allegations. He asked the judge to lower his client's $150,000 bond, prompting the judge to raise it to $250,000.

Douglas and his alleged accomplice, Cecil Hunt, are due back in court on Oct. 10.