BRIDGEPORT - ? Many unemployed residents stood in line for hours Friday outside the CTWorks office in Bridgeport waiting for a chance to receive free job training.

CTWorks says it handed out 300 applications to people hoping for $3,000 to go back to school or receive free job training.

The nonprofit group Career Resources is distributing the money, which it says is part of the federal stimulus package.

Officials say if a person is qualified for the voucher, the money can be used to go back to college or train for a job as long as it is approved by the government.

CTWorks says in order to qualify for a voucher, individuals must be unemployed and make less than a certain income. A family of four has to make less than $49,000 to receive a voucher.

CTWorks says it is hoping to eliminate the lines by handing out applications every day starting on Tuesday.