BRIDGEPORT - As temperatures are expected to dip into the teens Wednesday, health experts are helping southwestern Connecticut residents prepare for extremely cold weather.

Dr. Isis Bartels says that dressing in layers and wearing hats, scarves and gloves will help prevent frostbite. Bartels says signs of frostbite can include a tingling sensation and discoloration of the skin. She says people should move around to keep their blood flowing if they must be outside.

Bartels also says that parents need to be especially mindful of children in this weather. She suggests that parents wait with their children in the car until their bus arrives.

In addition, auto experts are giving residents some helpful tips on how to prepare their cars for the frigid temperatures.

Experts say the best way to avoid car trouble in the cold weather is to keep up on regularly scheduled maintenance and to warm up the car for a few minutes before driving.For interviews with residents of Southwestern Connecticut about the frigid weather, go to your digital cable box and select iO Extra, Channel 612.

Tips on how to prepare a car for the cold weather