MILFORD - Milford officials have announced plans to rebuild the Beaver Brook boardwalk almost two years after it burned to the ground.

The city was recently awarded a $500,000 grant, which it says came from the Small Town Economic Assistance Program awarded by the state. Nearly two years ago, a large brush fire destroyed several acres of land, including parts of the 1.5-mile Beaver Brook boardwalk.

The city plans to start the design phase soon and will use carpentry and architectural high school students from Platt Technical in Milford. Platt Tech says it still needs to figure out which of its students will be working on the project.

The city says it plans to spend some of the money awarded to kill an invasive species of plants that has overgrown in the area and contributed to the growth of the fire back in 2012. The city has also added $250,000 of its own money for future maintenance.?