EASTON - A debate that started nearly two years ago in Easton is still going strong as the town tries to decide what to do with a piece of property.

In 2008, after a referendum, the town purchased a 30-acre property on South Park Avenue.

First Selectman Adam Dunsby says the plan at the time was to sell an option to the New England Prayer Center for the purpose of building a large religious facility. 

However, Dunsby says the Prayer Center opted not to buy the land, allowing its rights to expire in 2014.

The group Citizens for Easton recently presented its vision for the land to the Board of Selectmen. It wants it kept as open space, in part to protect the Mill River.

Sacred Heart University and a developer in town also presented proposals in recent months. Both call for some kind of development, but Dunsby says there is no front runner.

Dunsby says he believes the town needs to explore selling the land, since that was the original intention eight years ago.