BRIDGEPORT - Bridgeport mayoral candidate Joe Ganim took matters into his own hands to fix a broken fence in the city after many neighbors complained.

Ganim says he decided to buy a section of chain link fence Sunday morning to cover an opening which, according to residents, allowed easy access between the Sunshine Circle community and the Trumbull Gardens community.

Residents tell News 12 Connecticut that more than 200 people signed a petition asking local officials to close the opening in the fence. They say the opening provides easy access for criminals, and they say it contributed to the fatal shooting that took place at Trumbull Gardens back in June.

Ganim says he knows it is only a temporary fix, and may also be a controversial one. "If it saves one life, this is well worth taking a little heat for," he says.

He says that at least for the time being, the controversial access point is closed.

"This will help to reduce the violence in Trumbull Gardens," he says.

City officials say they understand the needs of the Trumbull Gardens community, and they are working hard to meet them.