FAIRFIELD - More than 100 people gathered Tuesday at southwestern Connecticut's only gay bar for a vigil to remember the shooting victims in Orlando, Florida.

Katia Capozziello, the owner of Trevi Lounge in Fairfield, set up a stage where people could voice their emotions and thoughts on the tragedy.

"Obviously the first reaction was everybody was outraged," she said. "And at the same time, they all came together."

Those who attended the vigil voiced a mix of emotions.

"It continues, and nothing is being done," said Noel Houlihan, of Fairfield. "It happened on our own backyard in Newtown with all those beautiful young children. Nothing is getting done."

Despite the feelings of frustration, one prevailing notion was that hate will never win.

Capozziello also says Trevi Lounge is collecting donations and handwritten messages of support, which will be sent to the victims' families.