NORWALK - The General Assembly's Judiciary Committee held a hearing Monday on whether murder investigation photos, recordings and other documents should be released to the public. 

Last year, lawmakers passed the law prohibiting the release of photos of the children murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School. They are now considering a proposal that would allow any individual to view the documents within the confines of a government building, but not copy and distribute them without permission.

Victims' relatives would have the right to object to public dissemination, and that would trigger a hearing. 

Supporters of the change describe it as a compromise between the public's right to know, and the desire for privacy and dignity on the part of victim's families.

Opponents say the public interest depends on the free flow of information and images.

The proposed rules were drawn up by a special task force that included people from law enforcement, the media and victims' advocacy groups.

The rules would cover photos, 911 recordings and witness statements.