BRIDGEPORT - A Bridgeport man appeared in court Wednesday after being charged with allegedly causing a fatal car crash.

Friends and family of 22-year-old David Anderson say they are grateful that justice is in the process of being served, after learning 20-year-old Geraldo Maldonado was arrested in connection with Anderson’s death. 

Investigators at the Bridgeport Police Department say they learned that Trumbull police had Maldonado in custody for a series of burglaries and were getting ready to release him on bond. They say that's when they intervened and took custody of Maldonado, then charged him in connection with the car crash on April 18 that left Anderson dead. 

Investigators say the suspect was speeding when he lost control just as officers were about to pull him over.

Police say their investigation took one month to result in the arrest.

The attorney hired by Anderson’s family was in the courtroom and asked the judge to consider the severity of the crime when setting bond.

The judge set Maldonado's bond at $200,000.