EASTON - A woman appeared in court Monday in connection to the murder of an Easton couple who was found buried outside a home in Weston last week.

Police say Jennifer Valiante is the live-in girlfriend of Jeffrey and Jeanette Navin's son, Kyle Navin, who is the primary suspect in his parents' murders. They say both suspects are drug addicts.

Investigators say text messages prove Kyle Navin and his girlfriend schemed to kill his parents.

An arrest warrant outlines damaging text messages between the two, for example:

Kyle Navin:  "It would solve every problem and give us a wealthy amazing life."

Valiante:  "I hear ya.  It sounds good I just don't know."

Valiante's attorney says police took the texts out of context, and she knew nothing about a murder plot.

Jennifer Valiante stood stoically Monday as a judge from the Bridgeport Superior Court formally charged her with helping to plot a double-murder.

Police say Kyle Navin, who is already behind bars on a federal gun charge, shot his mother in his car and later killed his father in the basement of his home.

They say he dumped their bodies outside a home undergoing renovations.

Police found the victims' bodies Thursday after a nearly three-month search.

The arrest warrant says Kyle wanted his parents' money and the Navins planned to cut him out of their will.

Authorities say there is a surveillance video showing Valiante following Navin to his parents' home the day they vanished.

Valiante's lawyer refused to comment on the video showing his client and Kyle Navin buying cleaning supplies and contractor bags the following day.

Police say Jeffrey Navin's body was found inside contractor bags.

Valiante will remain in jail while her lawyer tries to get her $2 million bail reduced.

Kyle Navin's lawyer says his client will be formally arrested on the murder charges Monday and should be arraigned on them Tuesday.