MILFORD - Milford fire officials are praising four men for rescuing two women from a burning car this past weekend.

The incident happened Saturday by the Milford connector near Exit 2A.

One of the rescuers, Chad Fisher of Milford, says he was driving home from a night out with friends when he saw the burning car on the side of the highway. Fire officials say the vehicle was on its side, having overturned after leaving the road.

Fisher says his instincts kicked in, and that he knew he only had minutes to help. He says three other male passersby helped break the rear windshield and get the women out.

Officials say the driver of the car was at the scene, but managed to get out on her own.

Another rescuer did not want to speak on camera as he was still traumatized by the incident. Officials have not released the identities of the two other rescuers.

State police are leading the investigation. They have not yet released the cause of the accident, the victims' identities or their current conditions.