HARTFORD - Republican state legislators presented their budget proposal at the Capitol and are calling for no tax increases.

The proposal includes returning to 2007 spending levels, merging agencies and making hundreds of millions of dollars in hard cuts.

"We must not raise taxes," state Rep. Larry Cafero (R-Norwalk) says. "We have to make tough decisions. We have to find innovative and responsible ways to consolidate and streamline government bloat."

While Republicans wish to restore $25 million in municipal aid that was cut by Democrats, some believe that the plan will not fix the budget.

"There are big gaps that are not filled, both in the governor's as well as the Republican package. Hundreds of millions of dollars that are not accounted for," Rep. Christopher Donovan (D-Meriden) says. "They have yet to account for those. They're not cut. They're missing so we need to see what those are."