NORWALK - State officials revved up a debate Friday by recommending tolls on Interstate 95 along with a tax hike to cover Gov. Dannel Malloy's 30-year transportation program.

The governor's program calls for $100 billion in spending, and many legislators and residents oppose it.

The plan also includes a 14-cent hike per gallon to the gas tax and increased rail and bus fares.

The state eliminated the I-95 tolls in the wake of a 1983 crash in Stratford that killed six people at a toll booth.

The plan calls for implementing electronic tolling along the interstate in southwestern Connecticut. They would use so-called congestion pricing to gather more money from travelers during busy hours, which ostensibly ensures that the people who drive the most pay the most, officials say.

The governor also called for a law to ensure no other state agencies could pilfer transportation funds for other projects.

No votes are expected on the issue until next year.