MANHATTAN - Gov. Dannel Malloy met with Metro-North officials Monday in New York City to discuss how to prevent a Norwalk bridge from getting stuck again and delaying train traffic.

A 118-year-old swing bridge over the Norwalk River has gotten stuck open twice in the past two weeks, causing delays on Metro-North. Metro-North officials say the rails that lock the bridge in place get stuck when it's lifted for boats to pass through. Malloy says the Department of Transportation and Metro-North will conduct a review of what is exactly done when crews lift the bridge to accommodate boat traffic and how it can be improved.

The state wants to replace the bridge, but does not have the money it says it needs from the federal government to do so. Instead, state money has been spent on repairs while waiting for nearly $400 million in federal funds.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal suggested ending all boat traffic under the bridge so that it will not need to be lifted. Malloy is not sure if that is a possibility, but says he will have officials discuss other options with the Coast Guard.