NORWALK - Gov. Dannel Malloy was in Norwalk Tuesday to celebrate the recent work done on the Walk Bridge.

The 119-year-old bridge carries the Metro-North's New Haven line over the Norwalk River.

Officials say they used a custom-made gear to replace the one that was broken, leading to a number of problems. It was stuck in the open position twice last year, cutting off train service to Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan.

While broken, a team of 30 workers was needed to make sure the tracks were re-aligned once the bridge was rotated into the closed position. Now that the repairs have been made, officials say they hope more stability and reliability along the bridge will follow since it can now be operated in automatic mode.

Gov. Malloy says the next step is to replace the current structure with a new bridge in a $400 million project slated for completion in 2020.