SIMSBURY - Gov. Dannel Malloy (D-Conn.) today revealed his plan to help make sure the state is better prepared to handle natural disasters after the botched responses to Tropical Storm Irene and the freak October nor'easter.

Malloy stated that he wanted tougher standards on utility companies, such as holding them accountable for response times as well as ensuring that they have enough staff on the ground to address outages before a natural disaster strikes. The governor said that if the utility companies did not meet these standards, fines will be imposed by the state.

The plan would triple the state's tree-trimming budget and examine the possibility of putting power lines underground. Despite that, Governor Malloy emphasized that the most important part of the plan was establishing a clear chain of command between the government and emergency crews.

Malloy also stated that he plans to hold a statewide preparedness drill by Sept. 1.

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