STAMFORD - Gov. Dannel Malloy's proposed budget calls for over $31 million in cuts at the University of Connecticut.

University President Susan Herbst said the regional campuses, including Stamford's campus, could eventually be affected by the proposed budget.

UConn Stamford students said they were upset to hear that their campus could eventually close because of future budget cuts.

"I'd probably have to go to community college. I'd probably have to find something else," said student Brian Santiago

A university spokesman said the school has no plan or desire to close its satellite campuses, but would have to consider all options if budget cuts continue year after year.

Herbst told the state Legislature Wednesday that UConn has never cut its way to success. She argued that the school has a $3.4 billion economic impact on the state, and state funding provides 30 percent of UConn's budget.

Officials said the school may be forced to leave faculty positions vacant and offer fewer classes.