BRIDGEPORT - Gov. Dannel Malloy was in Bridgeport today, calling on lawmakers to pass a bill he says would help thousands of state residents get their college degrees and get better-paying jobs.

The "Go Back to Get Ahead" bill would set aside more than $20 million to cover some tuition costs for residents who dropped out of college, but want to return.

Malloy says the workforce is in need of employees with the proper training for highly skilled jobs and many people who only completed some semesters of college have those skills.

The bill would cover some tuition at all 17 of Connecticut's public colleges and universities, including two-year and four-year schools. For up to two semesters, the state would cover the costs of one of every three courses for which a student registers. The state would also include three additional credits toward graduation.

Critics point out that the bill would not help current students, even if they spent years out of school.