HARTFORD - Three of Gov. Dannel Malloy's top aides announced Wednesday they are resigning, just one month after another top staffer stepped down. 

The resignations were submitted by three of the most public faces at the governor's office. They include Gov. Malloy's chief spokesman, his deputy chief-of-staff and his main liaison to lawmakers at the Capitol.

The governor's office says the resignations are all typical mid-term turnover.

Devon Puglia, Gov. Malloy's communications director, is one of three top aides who announced they are leaving. He says all the resignations are purely personal.

"These are 24-hour jobs. I haven't enjoyed a meal without getting interrupted by a phone call or emails in years," says Puglia.

The resignations come amid speculation Gov. Malloy could follow Hillary Clinton to the White House is she wins. 

There is also an ongoing federal grand jury investigation into Gov. Malloy's re-election bid. Puglia insists the federal probe was not a factor in his decision.

Sacred Heart University political analyst Gary Rose points out that Puglia and Deputy Chief of Staff Mark Bergman, who is also leaving, both worked on Gov. Malloy's campaign.

"Within the next year, you're going to have more and more key resignations,” says Rose. “When that happens, it's not at all unusual for people to start distancing themselves."

Rose also thinks the federal investigation could hurt Gov. Malloy's chances of joining the Clinton administration.