NORWALK - Gov. Dannel P. Malloy on Monday spoke about the state's business successes in the past year.

The governor's remarks at a news conference in Glastonbury came amid concern that General Electric may move its corporate headquarters out of Fairfield.

Malloy downplayed any concerns about GE and instead focused on the ways he says that Connecticut is now competitive with other states.

According to Malloy, private-sector jobs have fully recovered from where they were before the recession hit and the state's unemployment steadily dropped, too. He said the state added thousands of new jobs in the past year, and wages hit their highest in history.

Malloy also said that Connecticut has convinced 20 companies to set up shop from other states. Reporters asked the governor if those successes would be wiped out if GE moves away, but Malloy said no.

GE is expected to announce its plans this month, and reports say that Boston and New York are the top contenders.