STRATFORD - Gov. Dannel Malloy toured two Sikorsky suppliers in Stratford Tuesday to talk about how a major deal to keep the helicopter-maker in the town could impact them.

Malloy got a look inside United Aero Group and BTX Air Express as he pushed his $220 million deal to keep the helicopter-maker in southwestern Connecticut.

"It's very important to the direct employees of Sikorsky, but with over 90 suppliers in the state, and those suppliers having their own supply chains and in some cases 50 additional companies, this goes very deep in Connecticut," Malloy says.

United Aero Group says it manages importing and exporting parts and that servicing Sikorsky is about 50 percent of its workload.

BTX has 180 employees nationwide. About 15 percent of its business is in Connecticut.

Officials say part of the deal, which provides tax breaks and other incentives for years, also calls for Sikorsky to build nearly 200 heavy-lift helicopters.

State lawmakers will meet in Hartford Wednesday in special session to vote on the plan.

Both Democrats and Republicans are expected to support it. The union also has to approve the deal.