HARTFORD - (AP) - Gov. M. Jodi Rell is calling the lameduck Legislature back to the Capitol next month, five days beforethe new session opens, to vote on her latest deficit-cutting plan.

Rell says her proposal eliminates the current fiscal year's $356million deficit without raising taxes, laying off state employeesor spending any of state's $1.4 billion budget reserve.

Her plan cuts spending and transfers money from variousaccounts, such as $35 million from the home heating oil assistanceprogram approved back in August. Rell says the state since receivedadditional federal money to cover those costs.

Another $17.9 million is being taken from the state's new publiccampaign financing program.

The new General Assembly will have to deal with the budgets forthe next two fiscal years, and projected shortfalls of about $6billion.