HARTFORD - Thousands of layoff notices are set to expire on Sept. 1 thanks to a newly ratified savings and concessions deal that state union workers approved this week.

Ben Barnes, Gov. Dannel Malloy's (D-Conn.) budget director, said they will now go through all of the proposed service reductions to evaluate which ones make sense to implement. Most of the state's planned cuts are also going to be scrapped, including plans to shut down DMV offices in Milford and Danbury. Proposed Metro-North cuts are also expected to be restored, though fare increases are still a possibility.

Malloy's office says the union workers who were already laid off should return to work on or shortly after Sept. 1, though that does not apply to bargaining units that did not approve of the deal or non-union managers.

State workers approve concessions dealState employees speak out over budget cutsMore than 1,800 state employees issued layoff notices