BRIDGEPORT - Bridgeport Police Chief A.J. Perez said Saturday that in the interest of public safety, he decided to release graphic surveillance video of a scooter crash that critically injured a man.

The incident happened at Pearl and Orchard streets on Wednesday. Perez says he hopes the video will serve as a powerful warning to the many young people who speed through the city on scooters.

“This accident is going to change this young man's life forever,” he said.

Friends and family of the driver of the scooter, 20-year-old Luis Colon, say he is a good person who made a mistake by running the stop sign on Pearl Street, and nearly paid for it with his life.

Colon landed on his head approximately 30 feet away on the curb after being launched into the air during the crash. He was rushed to Bridgeport Hospital and is in stable condition.

Perez also added that scooter riders do not need a license to operate them. Police say scooter riders should exercise caution, as scooter usage is expected to increase during the summer.