BRIDGEPORT - The lean state budget means Greater Bridgeport Transit is planning to soon cut back its service, and bus riders had the chance Tuesday to share their opinions on the possible changes.

For Stratford resident Florence Longueil, taking the bus isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. She takes the No. 16 several times a week, but that route could soon get shortened because of budget cuts.

"The goal here is to save 5,000 hours a year of service, which equates to about 2 1/2, 3 percent of our service," says Steven DeMichele of Greater Bridgeport Transit.

At a meeting held earlier in the day in Stratford, some riders told the crowd that the cuts don't go far enough, saying that routes servicing few passengers should be the ones eliminated.

Another meeting was held Tuesday evening in Bridgeport. More meetings are planned for next week.

The changes are slated to take effect in September.