GREENWICH - A public hearing was held Wednesday in Greenwich to discuss the fate of a 60-year-old tree that is being threatened by a building project.

The oak tree at the center of the controversy is located on the corner of Greenwich and Railroad avenues. The nearby People's United Bank wants to expand its building to the edge of the sidewalk, just feet away from the tree.

Activists from the Greenwich Tree Conservancy expressed concern that the expansion project will damage the tree's limbs. They say although it is only one tree, there are not many like it in the downtown area.

"That is going to hurt the roots as well," says JoAnn Messina, of the Greenwich Tree Conservancy. "We would love to see some change in the plan so that wouldn't happen."

The bank's attorney says workers could trim the tree, but it may not survive.

The town has already approved the bank's expansion plan, and construction crews are set to begin work in the near future.

The tree warden says he will make his decision regarding the tree's future within three days.