GREENWICH - Local police helped a new Greenwich mother deliver her baby at home Thursday after she went into labor unexpectedly.

Diana Tineo says she and her fiance, David Conte, had planned to have a natural birth at a clinic in Danbury, but couldn't make it in time.

Officer Michael Mastronardi, of the Greenwich Police Department, arrived before an ambulance that was also dispatched by 911.

Tineo says the officer reassured her, saying her body would know what to do, and helped calm the anxious room.

The baby, named David Conte Jr., was born into the officer's hands.

Mastronardi says he'd never delivered a baby before. The ambulance arrived a few minutes later and brought mother and child to Greenwich Hospital, where both are doing fine.

Tineo and her new son are expected to be released Saturday.

As for Mastronardi, he and his wife are expecting their first child in December.