GREENWICH - Students at Hamilton Avenue School in Greenwich were supposed to start classes in their new school Monday, but frustrated parents, kids and teachers were met with yet another delay.

The Greenwich school district says it was unable to get the paperwork needed to let students into the new building. A letter describing the situation was sent to parents, but some parents say they?ve had enough of the holdups after being told the school would be ready.

?It's wrong to give out wrong information and mislead everyone,? Greenwich parent Patty Riley says. ?They should hold back until they're 100 percent sure and everything has been taken care of so they don't continue disappointing everyone.?

Students returned to modular classrooms on the campus of Western Middle School with a two-hour delay Monday. They attended school in the same classrooms before winter break.

Work on the brand new Hamilton Avenue School is still in progress. The Greenwich Board of Education told News 12 Connecticut it has no comment on the situation.