GREENWICH - Hamilton Avenue School in Greenwich was re-opened Tuesday after being shut down three years ago due to a severe mold infestation.

"I think the outpouring of support in the community just came together to get these kids in the school now," says parent Deb Cunningham, who was among hundreds of parents and students who were welcomed into the renovated building.

Children were also happy to return to their classrooms.

"I've been waiting for this most of my life," says Kristian Cunningham. "Since first grade we've moved to the modulars, and I'm finally glad to be in this building."

While classes were in session, Hamilton Avenue School Principal Damaris Rau took parents on a tour of the school, showing them the new media center and expanded classrooms. Rau says parents marveled at the modern technological advances featured in the building.

"It?s a green building with geothermal wells," Rau says. "The parents were thrilled with what they saw."

Greenwich Board of Education spokesperson Kim Eves says although Hamilton Avenue School is now open for business, renovation work is far from complete.