STAMFORD - A group of 23 employees at a Stamford Toyota dealership on Myrtle Avenue is trying to win the upcoming Powerball after winning a $1 million jackpot back in November.

After the group's first win, each member took home $30,000 after taxes. They say the money didn't change their lives, but it made them want to enter more lotteries with the hope that lightning will strike again.

Joe Carbonell, the organizer of the group's weekly lottery pool, says many of the workers that didn't bet were upset, but they're still sitting out.

While some members of the group used the money to plan a trip or pay for their children's college, most of them saved the money.

At the time of the drawing, Powerball officials announced that the jackpot had grown from $425 million to an estimated $448 million.

The winning numbers are 5 25 30 58 59 PB: 32.