WESTPORT - Authorities say a Metro-North rider was robbed by a group of people who offered him a ride when he got off at the wrong station.

Surveillance video of each of the suspects was captured at a Mobil Station across the street from the East Norwalk train station.

Officials report that the victim mistakenly got off in East Norwalk instead of Westport at around 1:15 a.m. Police say two men and two women agreed to give him a ride for $10, but once he was in the car, they demanded more money, credit cards and a debit card PIN number.

Officials say the suspects took his wallet, beat him and threatened him with a knife.

The suspects let the victim go in the area of Wright Street and King's Highway North in Westport.

Detectives say the victim was not seriously hurt in the incident.

Police have released surveillance video in an effort to catch the four suspects.