NORWALK - A caravan of people crossed the state, speaking out against deportations Saturday.

The group hit the streets with signs to raise awareness about the issue. They say deportations hurt families by separating fathers from their wives and children.

Jasmine Mendoza says it's been more than a year since she last saw her husband, Claudio, who was deported to Mexico. She says he'd been living in the U.S. for a long time, and that he's now not getting to watch their son grow up.

Protesters like Marina Forero support Mendoza's call. Forero says she's angry about which people are being deported. "They pay taxes without taking anything, so these are good people who work hard," said Forero.

Both women hope their signs and wristbands will get people's attention and prevent more people from having to go through what Mendoza's family is dealing with.

The caravan ended with a rally at the Federal Building in Hartford.