STAMFORD - Hurricane Gustav is causing two Stamford brothers to relive the tragedy brought on by Hurricane Katrina three years ago.

Echam and Icham Thomas are twin brothers from New Orleans. They evacuated their hometown just before Katrina hit. When they went back to retrieve their belongings, they found that nearly everything they owned had been washed away.

Echam was the first brother to move to Stamford. He says Pastor Robert Perry from Union Baptist Church offered to help evacuees resettle in Stamford. Icham joined him last winter.

The brothers say that even after they relocated to Stamford, some of their family members were still living in New Orleans. However, their family evacuated this week as the Gulf Coast braced for Gustav.

The brothers say they?ll never go back to New Orleans because it hurts too much ? but they still follow the continuous Gustav coverage on the news because they want to know what?s going on in their native town. They say watching Gustav is like reliving Hurricane Katrina.