NORWALK - Norwalk's Department of Public Works and the League of Women Voters teamed up Saturday to help residents dispose of hazardous household chemicals properly.

Residents were able to drop off the materials like paint solvents, insecticide and motor oil at Andrews Field. The event was organized to prevent the dangerous waste from filling landfills.

Chris Okafor, superintendent of the Norwalk Department of Public Works, heralded the event's importance.

"The more we collect, the less impact on the ground water ? the less impact on the environment," said Okafor.

According to Okafor, the dropped off waste is stored in special drums in preparation for transport. The materials are then passed on to a licensed hazardous waste company.

The League of Women Voters and Norwalk teamed up in 1987 for the original collection program and have been working together since.

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