NORWALK - Two police officers were injured after coming to the aid of a man who apparently tried to kill himself by drinking insecticide in Norwalk.

According to officials, police got a call around midnight that a man was trying to kill himself by drinking insecticide. The incident happened at 32 Crown Ave. Authorities say the man told police he not only drank the insecticide malathion, but he put it in a vaporizer.

A HAZMAT crew was called to the scene and police and fire crews were at the home for several hours.

Police say it appears the two injured officers got sick after inhaling the fumes from the insecticide. Officials say all three men were rushed to Norwalk Hospital, which stopped taking patients for a few hours due to the HAZMAT concern.

Police say one officer has been released from the hospital, while the other is in satisfactory condition. Authorities say the 46-year-old man who drank the malathion is in serious condition.