SHELTON - The headmaster of Shelton High School is defending the decision to bar a suspended student from the prom, saying it is consistent with school policy.

James Tate told Jimmy Kimmel last night how he was punished by the school for posting cardboard letters on the side of the school asking out his date.

Headmaster Dr. Beth Smith said in a news conference this afternoon that according to school policy, any student that is given an in-school suspension after April 1 will not be allowed to attend the prom. She says parents and students are reminded of the school policy throughout the year.

Friends have also setup a Facebook page called "Let James Tate Go To The Prom" to help fight his punishment.

He got more than 74,000 supporters in just one day.

Representatives are calling for an option for students to do community service so that they can still attend school events.

Students say they are also planning a second prom, so that Tate can attend.

VIDEO: Shelton news conference on student barred from prom