FAIRFIELD - A headstone found in the basement of a Fairfield family's home was returned to the cemetery Saturday.

The headstone for Abigail Wakeman Banks, who died in 1841, was brought back to Greenfield Hill Cemetery. The owner of the farmhouse where the headstone was found, Melanie Marks, says she has no idea how it ended up in the basement of her Redding Road home.

However, she was aware that Banks was the mother-in-law of the man who built the farmhouse around 1769. Marks says she's happy the headstone is being returned to its rightful place.

"When I did the research, and knew she was buried here because documentation proves she was buried here, I knew the right thing to do was to put her headstone back where it belonged," Marks says.

Rev. David Roe, of the Greenfield Hill Congregational Church, went to the cemetery Saturday to host a ceremony honoring Banks.